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April 2021


April 5, The Star-Ledger lists little known facts about New Jersey, noting that in 1952, jazz scholar Marshall Stearns founded the Institute of Jazz Studies in his Greenwich Village apartment, and before his death in 1966, he designated Rutgers University as the permanent home of his collection.


April 4, Diane Wong (SASN) writes in a The Star-Ledger op-ed that the solution to anti-Asian violence is not more policing, instead more should be done to reimage community wellness.


April 2, The Record runs a story about a Chinese American reporter’s experiences growing up with anti-Asian racism and why the Asian community is reacting differently to the current violence against Asian Americans, quoting Kent Harber (SASN).


April 1, Cathy Park Hong (SASN) joins The New York Times’ “Sway” to talk about the model minority myth, the Atlanta-area shootings and why the response from Asian Americans is different this time.

April 1, Domingo Morel (SASN) writes for The Washington Post discussing how Georgia’s new voting law shows when Black people gain local power, states strip that power away.