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April 2021


May 3, Paul Boxer (SASN) writes an op-ed for Newsweek on the Derek Chauvin verdict being a moment for police to make real change.

May 3, MSN runs a Patch story on a police misconduct study led by David Troutt (Law-Newark), founder of the Center on Law, Inequality and Metropolitan Equity (CLiME) at Rutgers.

May 3, The Star-Ledger also reports, quoting co-deans David Lopez (Law-Newark) and Kimberly Mutcherson (Law-Camden).

May 2, Yahoo! News writes on the effect of social justice education on young minds, referencing the writing of Crystal Belle (SASN).

May 1, Tap Into reports on the Westfield School Board reviewing its policies for assembly speakers after a student-requested Black History Month speech, quoting board member Sahir Aziz (Law-Newark).

April 29, Forbes discusses closing the racial wealth gap through community ownership of shopping centers, quoting Lynier Richardson (CUEED/RBS).

April 29, Sahar Aziz (Law-Newark) joins The Hill’s "What America's Thinking” to discuss a new poll finding 73 percent of voters support President Biden's announcement to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September 11th.

April 27, BNN Bloomberg reports that pressure on small landlords could result in greater consolidation of rental markets, with negative consequences for renters, quoting Peter Hepburn (SASN).

April 28, Forbes reports that the 2021 class of Andrew Carnegie Fellows has been announced and notes Salamishah Tillet (SASN) is among the recipients.

April 26, Tap Into reports all Essex County vaccination sites are now open to Rutgers-Newark students.

April 25, The Star-Ledger reports on the difficulties of getting a criminal record expunged, quoting Sarah Lageson (SCJ).

April 25, The Economic Times writes that the Biden administration is criticized for not releasing vaccines to India where cases are growing rapidly, quoting Audrey Truschke (SASN).

 April 24, PBS News Hour interviews Alex Hinton (SASN) on President Biden’s statement on the Armenian genocide of 1915, who says the statement is momentous for victims.

April 21, Tap Into reports that Newark officials and social justice advocates gathered to call for nationwide police reform after the verdict in the George Floyd case, quoting Rutgers-Newark student Giovana Castaneda.

April 20, New Jersey Business Magazine also reports. Rutgers-Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor quoted.

April 20, Truthout discusses why even when marijuana is legal young people are locked up for it, quoting Laura Cohen (Law-Newark).

April 20, New Jersey Business Magazine reports Gov. Murphy announced the appointments of Babatunde Odubekun, Stephanie Brown, Patricia Morgan and Victor Herlinsky, Jr., to the State Ethics Commission, noting Odubekun and Brown are Rutgers alumni.

April 20, Alexis Karteron (Law-Newark) co-authors an op-ed for The Conversation about why the Chauvin trial was different that was picked up by several outlets, including Yahoo News.

April 20, Salamishah Tillet (SASN) writes for The New York Times seeking to answer why it is so hard for films to showcase black women’s musical genius onscreen.

April 19, ROI-NJ lists Lyneir Richardson (CUEED/RBS) among the top technology influencers of 2021 in their Investors category.

April 19, The Star-Ledger reports on how Newark is fighting back as dementia ravages the Black community, with help from the Rutgers-Newark Aging & Brain Health Alliance, quoting Mark Gluck (SASN).

April 19, Sahar Aziz (Law-Newark) writes a poem about identity crisis for Medium.

April 19, The Star-Ledger reports that Cicadas are coming to N.J. and venomous snakes can’t wait, quoting Sara Ruane (SASN).

April 18, The Star-Ledger’s Tom Moran writes a column about Gov. Murphy’s strange fight against integration of schools, quoting Elise Boddie (Law-Newark).

April 18, The Star Ledger runs an opinion piece quoting Rutgers-Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor

An April 9, NJ Spotlight News story on a NJ Assembly hearings on reports of abuse and neglect at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility. Quoting Todd Clear (Law-Newark). 

April 9, New Jersey Globe reports Elise Boddie (Law-Newark) will join 34 others on the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States after being tapped by President Biden.

April 7, The Washington Post discusses how Target plans to spend more than $2B at Black-owned businesses, quoting Jeffrey Robinson (CUEED/RBS) who says Target has the right approach, but the number feels low given the size of the retailer.

April 5, The Star-Ledger lists little known facts about New Jersey, noting that in 1952, jazz scholar Marshall Stearns founded the Institute of Jazz Studies in his Greenwich Village apartment, and before his death in 1966, he designated Rutgers University as the permanent home of his collection.

April 4, Diane Wong (SASN) writes in a The Star-Ledger op-ed that the solution to anti-Asian violence is not more policing, instead more should be done to reimage community wellness.

April 2, The Record runs a story about a Chinese American reporter’s experiences growing up with anti-Asian racism and why the Asian community is reacting differently to the current violence against Asian Americans, quoting Kent Harber (SASN).

April 1, Cathy Park Hong (SASN) joins The New York Times’ “Sway” to talk about the model minority myth, the Atlanta-area shootings and why the response from Asian Americans is different this time.

April 1, Domingo Morel (SASN) writes for The Washington Post discussing how Georgia’s new voting law shows when Black people gain local power, states strip that power away.