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January 2020 

Volunteer Mediators Helping to Clear Backlog in Hudson County Courts, TapInto Bayonne, January 21, RU-N School of Criminal Justice and Prof. Karen DeSoto featured

He started his college education behind bars. Now he wants to help kids avoid prison. CBS News, January 17, NJ-STEP program based at RU-N featured

How Rutgers has helped 400 young entrepreneurs open new businesses,, January 12, Rutgers Business School highlighted

Danville native shoots film in city to shed light on mental illness among youth,, January 11, SASN Alumna Jasmine Freeman featured

The made-up crisis behind the state takeover of Houston’s public schools, The Conversation, January 10, Written by SASN Prof. Domingo Morel | The Telegraph

Iraqis have been holding peaceful mass protests. The U.S. strike and its aftermath are undermining that. Washington Post, January 10, Written by SASN Prof. Zahra Ali

Scientists find missing protein in brain that causes autism, The Economic Times, January 10, Featuring the research of SASN Professors Juan Pablo Zanin and Wilma Friedman

Cornwall Center at Rutgers-Newark Receives More Than $600,000 for the Promise Parent Leadership Academy, The Newark Times, January 8, Featuring RU-N's Cornwall Center