Research Roundup


Revenue Structure and Spending Behavior in Nonprofit Organizations

The American Review of Public Administration

Prof. Lindsey Mcdougle (SPAA), Jongmin Sho (SPAA), Madinah Hamidullah (SPAA)

War Is Not Part of Human Nature

Scientific American

Prof. Brian Ferguson (SASN)


First experiments at Europe's new X-ray laser reveal unknown structure of antibiotics killer

Assistant Professor of Physics Claudiu Stan, co-author


Extremely low genetic diversity in a circumpolar dragonfly species, Somatochlora sahlbergi (Insecta: Odonata: Anisoptera)

Dr. Jessica L. Ware, Associate Professor of Biology, and Manpreet Kohli, Ph.D. Biology candidate, authors


Teaching Community Organizing and the Practice of Democracy

Journal of Political Science Education

Jyl Josephson is a professor of Political Science and Women's and Gener Studies at Rutgers University-Newark


Understanding PTSD as a Memory Disorder: Cognitive and Neural Biomarkers of Overgeneralization and Impaired Reward Learning in Women Survivors of Sexual Violence

Dr. Mark A. Gluck
Center for Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience

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