Imagine explaining an 75,000 word dissertation in less than 180 seconds? Doctoral students across the globe are doing just that in the Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®). 

In Express Newark on Thursday, April 25, Rutgers-Newark hosted the final round of its inaugural competition, featuring doctoral students from Nursing, International Business, and American Studies competing for cash prizes.  Jennifer Caroccio (American Studies) was crowned the Grand Prize Winner with her presentation on "Latinx Comix: Graphic Memoirs and Comic Biographies as Counter History." Yuanyuan Li (International Business) was the First Runner-Up with her presentation entitled "Do Foreign Firms Help Local Firms Grow Internationally?". Eunhea (Grace) You (Nursing) also competed with her presentation on acupressure as an adjunctive therapy for pain.

Photo Credit: P3 Collaboratory

Founded at Australia's University of Queensland in 2008, the 3MT® is now held in more than 600 universities around the world. The competition is designed to develop presentation and engagement skills among doctoral students, and to bring research knowledge to larger communities. The RU-N competition was organized by the Graduate School-Newark and the P3 Collaboratory for Pedagogy, Professional Development, and Publicly-Engaged Scholarship.

"Cultivating our students' ability to clearly and cogently present their research discoveries fosters their professional development, and the university's commitment to publicly-engaged scholarship," said Dr. Taja-Nia Henderson, Professor at Rutgers Law School and Acting Director of the P3 Collaboratory." Our students need to be agile communicators, and opportunities like the 3MT®  help our students speak within and outside of their fields in powerful ways."

Photo Credit: P3 Collaboratory

Under the rules of the 3MT®, contestants must package their research into a presentation lasting no more than three minutes, and may use only a single presentation slide.

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