New Student Profile: Avani C. Jimenez

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“There are lots of reasons for why I chose to attend Rutgers University–Newark over the 11 other schools to which I was accepted,” stated Avani C. Jimenez. “Rutgers-Newark is affordable and offers the majors and student organizations in which I’m interested,” shared the freshman Honors College student who plans to major in graphic design and English, and minor in marketing.

“It’s also close to home.” Long before Rutgers converted to temporary virtual learning as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Jimenez had decided she would commute to campus for the first two years.

“Rutgers-Newark’s diversity and its location in Newark were important factors in my selection process as well.” A graduate of Cristo Rey Newark High School, Jimenez has lived in Newark most of her life. “I chose Rutgers-Newark because it’s in the city that I love and want to support.”

As a high school student, Jimenez was active in a variety of extracurricular activities, including the National Honor Society and the school’s yearbook committee. She founded the student council; participated on the debate team; served as a student ambassador for school events; during her junior year, served as vice president of the Anime Club; and during her freshman year, joined the volleyball team. She also volunteered at the North End Branch Public Library, where she led several events and projects for children.

“I joined my high school’s debate team to help me break out of my shell. I had the opportunity to write and recite a speech in competition,” said Jimenez, demure in demeanor.

Known for her strong work ethic, Jimenez interned at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield during her freshman and sophomore years of high school, earning summer employment stints with Horizon after each internship engagement. During her junior and senior years, she interned at NJPAC and Accenture, respectively.

As Jimenez embarks on her Rutgers-Newark journey, she does so along with a familiar partner. Her twin brother joins her as a freshman at Rutgers-Newark. “It’s definitely helpful to have my brother at the same school. It seems normal because it has always been that way for me,” she acknowledges.

“When I graduate from Rutgers-Newark, I plan to obtain a master’s degree. I aspire to have a career that combines graphic design and marketing. Ultimately, I would like to own a graphic design business.”