A Message from Rutgers University – Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor: 'This Special Place'

It has been my most profound honor to work with the brilliant and courageous faculty, staff, and students at Rutgers-Newark and our equally brilliant and courageous partners across Newark. This is a very special institution and very special community, where there is an unfailing commitment to transcend traditional boundaries and collaborate to increase social mobility, spur equitable growth, advance racial equity, and leverage publicly-engaged scholarship through the collective action of anchor institutions to move the needle on America’s most pressing challenges—and in the process realize the potential of our diverse democracy. I had hoped to remain here to continue advancing the expansive work we’ve done together over the past decade to build and strengthen civil and social infrastructure, but I am confident that the durable partnerships we’ve built are well positioned to grow and that our university and our community can continue to thrive. I remain deeply engaged and committed to our collective work in the coming academic year. My love and admiration for everyone who has been a part of this will endure as Rutgers evolves.

Nancy Cantor