Dear graduating students,

As we plan for the coming days when we will celebrate you, as well as all those who have been supporting you on your educational journey—family, friends, mentors, community members—we naturally do so with a tinge of melancholy because we can’t do that in person just now. At the same time, though, just as your resilience in the face of adversity shines all the brighter at this moment, so does our admiration for all you’ve accomplished and our affection and support for you.

The vision of what comes next for you—whether the job market or further study—may have become cloudy over the past few months, but I want you to know in no uncertain terms that we know you have what it takes to navigate the path forward. We know even more certainly that the world needs you now more than ever to bring what nobody else can: you, the fullness of who you are—your life experiences, your family histories, your hopes and dreams! Whether in the workplace or in graduate school, the world needs you to bring your unique perspective to the table of problem solving—especially how we can work together across all the sectors of our economy to expand opportunity, spreading prosperity to more citizens of Newark and places like it across our state and nation.

We are with you as you take those next steps—one of the most important and immediate ways of which is through the support of our Career Development Center (CDC). The CDC is a vital two-way link through which Rutgers-Newark can help you maintain your momentum in forging your personal path, whether by connecting you to professional networks, accessing specific job opportunities, or advising on strategy. The CDC also offers career readiness events, including new events this summer and a program for undergraduates seeking their first job, called Career Booster, offered through our partner Braven, a renowned national nonprofit focused on helping build the skills, confidence, experiences, and networks necessary to transition from college to strong first jobs, meaningful careers, and lives of impact. Look forward to hearing very soon from Executive Director Bernadette So, who will be reaching out to you with further information about how to leverage all of the resources of the CDC.

As you prepare to enter this new phase as a member of the Rutgers-Newark family, know that all of us are behind you, cheering you on to a strong finish for your degree and a strong start to your future.



Nancy Cantor
Rutgers University – Newark