Message from Chancellor Regarding Immigration Policy Changes and Available Supports

Dear Rutgers University – Newark community members,

As a founding institutional member of the Presidents’ Alliance on Immigration and Higher Education, Rutgers-Newark has been working concertedly over the past several years with hundreds of other institutions across the U.S. to advocate strongly for immigration policies that reflect the values that colleges and universities hold dear as we seek to cultivate the diverse talent we need for our nation and our world to thrive. We are intensifying such collective efforts both nationally and here at Rutgers-Newark in response to the shifting immigration policy landscape that includes recent federal travel bansimmigration restrictions, and enforcement actions, and as the Supreme Court prepares to issue a ruling this spring on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) case.

In light of this rapidly evolving environment, we would like to remind you of the resources available to support any and all members of our community who need assistance in navigating the shifting terrain. First and foremost of these resources is the Rutgers Immigrant Community Assistance Project (RICAP), led by attorney Jason Hernandez, a pivotal source of information about the rights of immigrants. We urge all members of the Rutgers-Newark community to refer individuals seeking guidance on these issues to RICAP. Answers to many pertinent questions and complete contact information is available on RICAP’s website, but Mr. Hernandez is poised to offer individualized advising to all members of the Rutgers community who need it.

As a reminder about DACA, specifically: the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the DACA case on November 12, 2019. The Court is now prepared to render a decision by June 2020, although the decision may come down sooner. This decision has the potential to affect whether the government will continue accepting DACA renewals. Because we cannot be sure when the decision will be issued or whether the government will continue accepting DACA renewals after that time, RICAP encourages all affected students to review their DACA expiration date and consider renewing now. In particular, students whose DACA expires in less than one year are encouraged to renew or seek legal advice ASAP. RICAP is prepared to advise any student regarding whether to renew.

Any student with individual questions about whether to renew, or who needs assistance with a renewal application should contact Jason Hernandez, Esq. at or 856-225-2302. All RICAP legal services are provided at no cost to the student. If students need assistance with the filing fee, RICAP is prepared to assist students locate emergency funds. For more information, please view the latest RICAP DACA Advisory on the MyRUN website.

As a timely reminder: all students enrolled at Rutgers-Newark are covered by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Students’ educational records are confidential and should not and will not be released without consent. Students can find information about FERPA on myRUN, including how to complete the FERPA form. Faculty and staff can learn more about FERPA through the Office of Ethics and Compliance. Anyone requesting access to a student’s records should be referred to the Office of the Registrar, Blumenthal Hall, 249 University Avenue, 3rd Floor, 973-353-5324, The Registrar will consult the Rutgers Office of General Counsel, as appropriate.

Faculty and staff members or students may contact the Rutgers-Newark CARE Team to get non-emergency help for students who need support due to personal, family or academic concerns that may impact their success. The CARE Team may be contacted at Alternately, students may be encouraged to seek the support of the Counseling Center at 973-353-5805. Faculty and staff members who wish to discuss personal concerns likewise may consult University Human Resources/Faculty Staff & Assistance Program at 848-932-3956.

We will provide updates as to our community as federal policy continues to evolve. Whatever challenges our community may face at this moment or in the coming months, our way forward is together.


In solidarity,

Nancy Cantor