Reconfigured Spaces at Dana Library Aimed at Improving Student Experience

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Students returning for the fall semester may have noticed that spaces in Dana Library have been reconfigured, with rearranged soft seating in the first floor quiet study area and extra tables added on the second floor.

The changes stem from a study that was conducted during the spring, undertaken at the request of Consuella Askew, director of Dana Library, and led by associate director Keir Reavie with a team of library faculty.  In order to better understand how students use areas throughout the library, the librarians observed students in 13 different spaces over the course of two weeks.  The data was analyzed and the spaces were rearranged during the summer.

Informal observations already indicate the increased usage of space on both floors.

“We want our students to know that we are paying attention,” said Askew, “and will continue to monitor the use of space in our building to ensure that we accommodate their needs.”