Published by Rutgers Center on Law, Inequality & Metropolitan Equity (CLiME) in July 2020, this first installment of a faculty essay series, CLiME asked Rutgers professors affiliated with the center to provide brief analysis on some of the many institutional crises exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and to offer solutions.

Professor Laura Cohen takes readers inside juvenile justice to show the increased risk of viral infection incarcerated youth face as well as the steps advocates are taking on their behalf. Read further about early release, an issue in which New Jersey now leads the country, thanks in large part to Professor Cohen's advocacy.

Professor Rachel Godsil discuses the loss of public revenues to struggling communities and offers a pipeline to millions.

Political Scientist Domingo Morel reveals the growing crisis in public pension fund commitments and a possible path to meeting those obligations.

CLiME Director David Troutt looks into the future to interrogate claims that “we are all in this together” and offers an alternative set of policy priorities we would pursue if mutuality really mattered.

Read the publication in its entirety here.