In Chat With SUNY Leader, Chancellor Nancy Cantor to Discuss How Higher Ed Can be More Accessible, Prepare Students for Jobs

Rutgers-Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor will discuss how higher education can be more accessible and effective at  preparing students for jobs--especially those who are economically disadvantaged--at a February 22 panel hosted by Schools that Can, a non-profit centering on career readiness. 

She will be joined by John B. King, the Chancellor of the State University of New York, in a virtual fireside chat titled ”The Value of Universities in Changing Times.’’ Go here to register and find more information on the event, scheduled from 5 to 6 p.m. 

Schools that Can, which serves K-12 students in four cities nationwide, cites research indicating many Americans see value in higher education but believe it's unaffordable. Studies also show that young people are skeptical of a four-year degree as the best path to meaningful jobs.

Cantor and King will discuss the disparities in student loan impact and how universities can address concerns about cost. They will also share thoughts on universities’ role in job preparation, college completion, and how to help students become effective public citizens.