Newark campus photo by Theo Anderson

Safety and Security Frequently Asked Questions

Campus safety is of paramount importance, but security depends on everyone knowing what to do in case of an emergency. This page is designed to provide all members of our campus community with information to help you respond properly in an emergency situation. Please review this information carefully, print it out, or bookmark it and refer to this website any time an unexpected situation arises that could pose a threat to your and/or our campus community's safety.

Safety at Rutgers – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Every effort will be made to inform the entire campus in the case of an emergency through the Emergency Notification System. Secondary means of notification may include: email; website announcements; Nixle community notification platform; community radio and local news outlets.

  • If a serious crisis event occurs, dial 9-1-1 and evacuate staff and students from the location.

    It is important that everyone remain calm and orderly during an evacuation so as to avoid unnecessary panic and injury. If the event occurs in Bradley, Hill, Smith, Dana, Physical Plant or any residence hall, occupants should move to Robeson Campus Center and remain there until advised by Public Safety (University Police) that it is safe to leave. The Golden Dome Gymnasium is the back up location if Robeson Center is directly affected by a serious crisis at the same time.

    If an event occurs in Robeson, CLJ, Deck #2, Olson, Aidekman, Blumenthal, Boyden or Conklin, occupants should move to the Golden Dome Gymnasium and should remain there until Public Safety (University Police) advise that it is safe to leave. Bradley Hall will serve as a back up if the Golden Dome is also directly affected by a crisis event at the same time.

    If a serious crisis event occurs in the Golden Dome, Engelhard, Parking Deck #1, Ackerson, CUPS or the offices on Bleeker Street, occupants should move to Bradley Hall and remain there until advised by Public Safety (University Police). The Robeson Campus Center will serve as a back up building to Bradley Hall.

    In case of campus wide evacuation please follow the directions and prearranged route setup by the Department of Public Safety.

  • Contact the Rutgers University Police Department immediately at 973-353-5111.
    DO NOT try to open, shake or move the package. Isolate the package by evacuating the area.

  • Contact your supervisor or department head as soon as possible. If you believe the matter is urgent, call the Rutgers University Police Department at 973-353-5111 immediately. Remain as calm as possible and do not attempt to confront the individual or engage in an argument.

  • In the unlikely event of closing, delayed opening or class cancellation, the information will be posted on the Rutgers-Newark website or call the Campus Information line 973/353-1766.

  • Call the Counseling Center, Blumenthal Hall, 973/353-5805. Refer students to the Counseling Center if the following traumatic events or traumatic stress symptoms are observed: self-destructive behavior such as a suicide threats or attempts, violent, assault or threatening behaviors, rape, criminal victimization , acute psychotic breakdowns, drug overdose and substance abuse.

  • If a reporter or member of the media calls seeking information or an interview on a campus incident or emergency, please refer call to the Office of Communications, Blumenthal Hall, 973/353-5262.

    For more information, please visit the Rutgers Police website.