Research, Centers & Institutes

Research at RU-N is conducted within academic departments and at research centers and institutes listed below:


Research centers are an integral part of Rutgers Business School, furthering scholarship and advancement in specialized areas of business

Research News

The latest selection of research news from Rutgers University-Newark.

Law, Criminal Justice & Public Affairs

Scholars are seeking knowledge to better society, structures and policies.

Science, Technology & Health

From Information technology to Parkinson’s disease, RU-N researchers are seeking answers.

Arts & Humanities

Research as diverse as it is vital to RU-N’s missions of service, teaching and creating knowledge.

Inside the Brain

Scientists at Rutgers conduct path-breaking research in every area of neuroscience research discovery.

Women of Science

At RU-N, significant contributions to scientific knowledge in all disciplines are being made through the research of eminent female scholars.

Support for Research

Libraries, funding and other resources.

Undergraduate Research

At a great research university, you learn from great professors who are pushing and prodding the boundaries of human knowledge every day.