News Source Advisory: Gun Policy in New Jersey

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Rutgers University Dean Todd Clear is available for interviews on gun policy considerations for New Jersey

Todd Clear, dean of Rutgers School of Criminal Justice in Newark, has been invited to testify before the NJ SAFE Task Force on issues relating to gun policy. Clear is an expert on urban crime policy and is available for interviews on gun policy recommendations.

Clear can be reached at:  973-353-3311 or 973-353-3293.  His email address is  

Clear is an experienced and charismatic commentator who has been featured on major media in New York and nationally. He can discuss the reasonable approaches to gun policy in a manner that is friendly to media. Clear’s view: “Now is the time to act. Research, education, community intervention, regulation, and prohibition are all part of a sensible gun policy for the state of New Jersey.” State policy alone, however, will not suffice. “Without a national policy on guns, the regulations in New Jersey will lose some of their impact because of the flow of guns and ammunition from outside the state.”

Read Todd Clear's full testimony to the NJ SAFE Task Force.


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