Research, Centers & Institutes

Research at RU-N is conducted within academic departments and at research centers and institutes listed below:


Research centers are an integral part of Rutgers Business School, furthering scholarship and advancement in specialized areas of business

Research News

The latest selection of research news from Rutgers University in Newark

Law, Criminal Justice & Public Affairs

Scholars are seeking knowledge to better society, structures and policies.

Science, Technology & Health

From Information technology to Parkinson’s disease, RU-N researchers are seeking answers.

Arts & Humanities

Research as diverse as it is vital to RU-N’s missions of service, teaching and creating knowledge.

Inside the Brain

Scientists at Rutgers conduct path-breaking research in every area of neuroscience research discovery.

Support for Research

Libraries, funding and other resources.

Undergraduate Research

At a research university, you learn from great professors who are pushing and prodding the boundaries of human knowledge every day.