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Winter Session Registration Underway at Rutgers University More

From Rock-'n'-Roller to Biomedical Scientist

A 30-year-old Rutgers undergraduate excels both in class and in a medical school laboratory.


Rutgers–Newark Law School Releases Report Criticizing Emergency Voting After Superstorm Sandy

As the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy approaches, the Constitutional Rights Clinic at Rutgers School of Law–Newark released a report today that discusse


Launch of "The Ron Rice Lecture Series on Criminal Justice and Public Policy" -- Tues., Nov. 11, 4-6 pm

Media are invited to cover this event.
Limited seating is available for the general public (100 seats only); pre-registration is required.


Survival and Study in Kenya: One Student’s Experience Abroad

Her first night on the Kenyan Mugie Ranch, Heather D’Angelo heard an unsettling roar outside of her tent. She waited for growls to become faint as she sat paralyzed and muted by fear.