Who We Are

Who We Are:

Rutgers UniversityNewark Office of Communications

Blumenthal Hall, Room 210
249 University Avenue
Newark, NJ 07102
973-353-5262 | fax: 973-353-1050

Kimberlee S. Williams
Director of Communications and Marketing
Email: kimberlee.williams@rutgers.edu
Phone: 973-353-5262

Ferlanda Fox Nixon
PR Specialist
Primary Areas: Media Relations, Web Content, Publications, and Special Projects
Email: ferlanda@rutgers.edu 
Phone: 973-353-5262

Carla Capizzi
Assistant Director of Communications
Primary Areas: Media Relations, Web Content, Publications, and Special Projects
Email: capizzi@rutgers.edu   
Phone: 973-353-5262

Karrin Pitt
Editorial/Media Specialist
Primary Areas: Media relations, web content, social media, publications, administrative support, special projects
Phone: 973-353-5262

Media Resources:

Daniel Stoll
Associate Director of Communications and Marketing – Rutgers Business School
Primary Areas: Rutgers University-Newark Business School
Phone: 973-353-5879

Susan Todd
Senior Public Relations SpecialistRutgers Business School
Primary Areas: Business
Email: susan.todd@rutgers.edu
Phone: 973-353-5224

Elizabeth Moore
Director of Communications – Rutgers Law School
Primary Areas: Law
Phone: 973-353-5553

Ginger Swiston
Director of Communications – Rutgers University-Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA)
Primary Areas: Public Affairs and Administration
Email: gswiston@rutgers.edu
Phone: 973-353- 3993

Jeffrey Tolvin
Director of Media Relations and Communications – Rutgers Health Sciences Campus at Newark
Primary Areas: Rutgers Health Services Campus at Newark
Phone: 973- 972-4501

Nora Luongo
Director, Web & Digital Communications – Newark College of Arts and Sciences
Primary Areas: Arts and Sciences
Email: eluongo@rutgers.edu
Phone: 973-353-5897