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Research News

RU-N Biology Professor Unlocks Method to Sequence DNA of Preserved Specimens

An RU-N Biology professor recently discovered a way to extract and sequence DNA from rare and extinct animals preserved in historic museum collections.


One of RU-N's Newest Institutes Leads the Way on Urban Sustainability

The term “sustainability,” whose currency has grown in recent years, usually conjures images of solar and wind energy, recycling, and composting—and in urban areas rooftop gardens, LEED buildings and bike lanes.


Declining Bird Species Find Welcoming Home in NJ's Post-Industrial Landscapes

Biology Researcher Embarks on Multi-year Study of Post-Industrial Bird Habitats


RU-N Acquires Major Environmental Research Center From the State of New Jersey

The Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MERI) Comes Home to RU-N.


Business Insight: Professor's new research helps explain how stress affects spending

Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed about work, a family illness or election season? It turns out that worry and anxiety can have an impact on your wallet.