Schools and Colleges

Arts and Sciences
Newark College of Arts and Sciences / University College
Hill Hall/360 MLK Jr. Blvd
Jan Lewis, dean, 973-353-5213

The Newark College of Arts and Sciences enrolls more than 60 percent of the undergraduates at Rutgers University-Newark and is the largest school on campus. With majors in almost 40 fields, the curricula at NCAS combine the advantages of a liberal arts foundation with the specialized training necessary for a specific career. Degrees awarded include the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts and the Bachelor of Science.

University College is designed for adult students who have obligations during the day and attend class in the evening or on Saturday. Degrees awarded include the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science.

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School of Criminal Justice
Center for Law & Justice/123 Washington St.

Shad Maruna, dean, 973-353-3311 or 3292

The School of Criminal Justice is a major national and international center for scholarly research on all aspects of policing, delinquency, crime, and criminal justice administration. This provides a basis for its educational programs that also fulfill public service obligations by helping to address the needs of criminal justice agencies within the city, state, nation, and world.

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Rutgers School of Law - Newark
Center for Law & Justice/123 Washington St.
Ronald K. Chen, acting dean, 973-353-5551

The Rutgers School of Law-Newark, the oldest law school in New Jersey, has a deeply rooted tradition of commitment to three defining elements: teaching, scholarship, and service. Through the law school's eight clinics and pro bono activities, faculty and students are at the forefront of resolving the complex legal issues facing a global society. The school's most prominent graduates include U.S. senators and congressmen, New Jersey supreme court justices, and leaders in the fields of law, business and the public sector.

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Rutgers Business School
1 Washington Park
Dr. Lei Lei, dean973-353-5185

Rutgers Business School offers undergraduate and graduate programs that equip graduates with the skills they need to function in today's diverse global business environment. With a focus on a team approach, the curriculum teaches students to critically reason, gather and weigh evidence, and bring an innovative and thoughtful approach to problem solving in real-world business settings.

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Graduate School - Newark
Conklin Hall, Room 241/ 175 University Avenue
Kyle Farmbry, acting dean

The Graduate School-Newark is dedicated to the advancement of scientific and human knowledge in an environment that encourages scholarly inquiry and intellectual growth. Graduate students are expected to develop the analytical and creative skills required for original scholarship, research, and problem solving, as well as a thorough understanding of an academic discipline.

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School of Public Affairs & Administration
111 Washington Street
Center for Urban and Public Service (formerly MEC building)
Marc Holzer, dean, 973-353-5093/1531

The School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers-Newark is dedicated to four goals: competence, diversity, knowledge, and service.

The MPA Program is rated very highly by U.S. News and World Report, ranking 11th in the nation in public administration and 26th in the broader category of public affairs.

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Undergraduate and graduate nursing programs are offered through Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences