Youth Media Symposium to Discuss College Readiness, Dec. 11

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Rutgers University - Newark at dusk

MEDIA: You are invited to cover this event.

WHAT: Youth Media Symposium at Rutgers University-Newark on topic of college readiness

Youth Media Symposium (YMS) is a project of Rutgers University’s Abbott Leadership Institute. YMS teaches Newark high school students that they have a voice, and can become leaders by learning the skills associated with the media:  research, investigation, planning, public speaking, and video production.

Through classes, guest speakers, trips, producing video documentaries and other hands-on activities, the young people have learned to ask questions about the quality of their education in Newark.

The campaign emphasis this year continues to be the issue of college readiness. On Dec. 11,YMS plays  host to students from several Newark high schools asking the questions, "Why do some schools in Newark have more college readiness capacity than others? Why do schools in the suburbs do better in preparing their students than the schools of Newark?

Students from Newark high schools

Wed., Dec. 11, 4 – 6 p.m.

Room 148, Bradley Hall, Rutgers University, 392 Martin Luther King Blvd., Newark

Junius Williams, executive director of the Abbott Leadership Institute, said, "This is evidence that our young people in Newark are interested in their future. They want equality across the district and across the state.  They are today's leaders in education advocacy.”

EVENT CONTACT:  Kaleena Berryman at 973-353-3560

Helen Paxton, 973-353-5262,, or Ferlanda Nixon, 973-353-5262