Women in Media-Newark, Rutgers in Newark Collaborate on National Cell Phone Cinema Contest

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The national “Cell Phone Cinema Contest: Imaging Women…the Immigrant Voice” contest, open to immigrant students ages 16 – 22, attending school in the United States, is underway.  Winners will receive prizes, awards and have their winning films screened at the annual Women’s History Month Film Festival held at Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey campus.

About the Event:

Can you imagine shooting an entire HD movie using just the camera in your cell phone? As challenging as that sounds, Nokia did just that in 2010 when it created the "Commuter," a movie short filmed using its N8 camera. Today, people around the world are using cell phones not just to film mundane events in their lives but also to document what occurs inside closed societies. Cell phones have become powerful tools for storytellers. Women in Media-Newark is looking to help immigrant youth follow Nokia's lead and use cell phones to create movies that tell the passionate stories of women from their perspective.

“Cell Phone Cinema Contest: Imaging Women…the Immigrant Voice,” is geared to US immigrant students ages 16 – 22. Judges panel for this exciting contest include New York University's (NYU) Dr. Karl Bardosh who is internationally recognized as the "father" of cell phone cinema, and internationally recognized photographer Chi Modu. Contest entry information as well as supporting documentation can be found at http://www.wim­

The contest's mission is twofold: First to showcase innovation in mobile technology and raise awareness of the benefits of the technology. Secondly, a contest of this nature identifies and encourages young film makers as they hone their craft while developing strategies for combating global social inequalities & health challenges facing women, and in eradicating gender based violence which, due to cultural differences and financial pressures, is especially prevalent in immigrant populations.

The culminating event for this contest -including prizes and the screening of the film entries will take place on February 14th at a celebratory event at Rutgers University's New Brunswick campus. This will coincide with WIM-N's third annual Women's History Month film festival (which is held at Rutgers, University – Newark campus) on March 7 – 9, 2013, with the winning films being screened at the film festival. This contest is a collaboration between Women In Media – Newark, Rutgers University’s Center for African Studies, and Rutgers University’s Program for Community -University Partnerships.

About WIM-N:
Women In Media – Newark is an organization that advocates for and educates the public about issues affecting the lives of women using film, video and new media as our platform. Merging culture and academia, we rally behind our sisters who courageously struggle to assume leadership roles in the film industry with their conscious effort to present a balanced image of women, dispelling the stereotypes, and changing public perception of their sisters worldwide. More information can be found on the web at:

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