The Shaping of a President: Rutgers Expert Can Discuss What Made Ronald Reagan the Great Communicator

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As the United States commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Ronald Reagan, attention is again focused on the late president’s tremendous skills as “the great communicator.”  How was Reagan, more than any president before or since, able to gain such a masterful command of the media to spread his message and win support? Was it his acting background, or something more?

Timothy Raphael of Rutgers University, Newark, can provide expert analysis and sharp insight into the experiences that shaped Reagan, and how Reagan himself forever impacted, not only the way public officials communicate, but American culture as well.

Raphael, an associate professor in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media, and director of the Center for Migration and the Global City, is the author of The President Electric: Ronald Reagan and the Politics of Performance (University of Michigan Press, 2009; ).

His years of research and analysis of Reagan’s evolution, combined with Raphael’s own background in theater and performance, establish Raphael as a rich resource about Reagan the communicator.

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