Rutgers University, Newark Experts Can Comment On Issues Relating To Urban Policing

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Recent actions to reduce police forces in New Jersey cities such as Camden and Newark have resulted in fears of increased crime, and references to crime spikes in the 1970s.

These Rutgers experts can discuss how recent changes in technology and policing strategies can contribute to a better outcome for urban areas in New Jersey and around the country, despite reductions in personnel, as well as other issues relating to urban policing and crime prevention.

Expert:  TODD CLEAR, dean and professor, Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Contact: office 973-353-3311, x3309 or e-mail

Expert: ANTHONY BRAGA, professor, Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Contact: 973.353.3311,

Expert:  WAYNE FISHER, director of the Police Institute at Rutgers School of        Criminal Justice or call 973.353.5262 for Fisher’s cell phone number.

These experts can also be reached via the Rutgers-Newark Office of Communications, contacts:

Helen Paxton, 973.353.5262 or 973.714.0776,,

Ferlanda Fox Nixon, 973.353.5262,

Carla Capizzi, 973.353.5262,