Rutgers Psychology Researcher Can Discuss the Real Science Behind TV’s Lie To Me – and That’s the Truth

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Maggie Shiffrar can explain the the work of Paul Ekman in detecting deception

(NEWARK, NJ, Jan. 28, 2009) –  In the new TV series Lie to Me, a private agency helps police by using behavioral psychology to detect deception, and the main character is considered a “human lie detector.”  Although the show is fiction, it is based on real-life researcher Paul Ekman, who specializes in analyzing facial expressions, gestures and body language. A psychology professor at Rutgers University in Newark, DR. MAGGIE SHIFFRAR, has expertise both on the detection of deception and on Ekman’s research, and can comment on both topics.


 conducts research on the visual perception of bodily actions. Her research impacts the understanding of autism spectrum disorders, and more recently addresses how U.S. Homeland Security might identify people who intend to cause harm from the way they move their bodies.    


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Media Contact: Carla Capizzi
Prof. Maggie ShiffrarDR. SHIFFRAR