Rutgers-Newark Expert Can Discuss Khmer Rouge Trials, Genocide as Tribunal Gets Underway in Cambodia

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Prof.  Hinton can be reached at , or 973/353-5255 (office).

(NEWARK, NJ, FEB. 20, 2009) –As the first trial of former Khmer Rouge leaders gets underway in Cambodia, many see the Khmer Rouge tribunal as a last chance to bring to justice the people responsible for the murders of 2 million Cambodians during the rule of Pol Pot. Alexander Hinton, an internationally known expert on genocide and an associate professor of anthropology and global affairs at Rutgers University in Newark, can discuss the trials and genocide. 

Hinton, who has extensively researched the Cambodian killing fields and their aftermath, has done more than amass cold facts and data about genocide; he also has witnessed firsthand its emotional toll during travels to Cambodia to meet with genocide survivors. He is currently doing research on the tribunal itself.

Hinton is Director of the Rutgers Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights and the person responsible for the establishment of the Documentation Center of Cambodia archive at Rutgers-Newark, which houses papers, photographs, films and other materials that provide a record of the 1975-1979 genocide. Hinton is currently working on a book about the social healing, repair, and justice after the Cambodian genocide, a sequel to his award-winning 2005 book, Why Did They Kill? Cambodia in the Shadow of Genocide. He has also published four edited volumes on genocide, including a just released volume entitled Genocide: Truth, Memory, and Representation.

TO REACH PROF. HINTON: e-mail (preferred) , or 973/353-5255 (office).

Media Contact: Carla Capizzi