Now on View at the Robeson Galleries: A Rare Look at the Creative Process

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The curators of the Paul Robeson Galleries (PRG) on the campus of Rutgers University-Newark are the first to admit that their main gallery exhibition, In-Site: The Creative Process in Plain View, “eludes tidy summation.”  After all, the creative process is as individual as each artist: no two create in exactly the same manner, and their works each reflect their creator’s individual and unique perspectives, life experiences, how their minds work, and their use of media. In-Site, like all exhibitions, is not just about artwork but also about choice—in this case, the artist’s choice more so than the gallery curator’s.

 In-Site, the Creative Process, shows what happens when 22 artists are set loose, each given a specific space, or zone, and free   rein to display and arrange objects, equipment, materials, and images that offer a glimpse into his or her creative practice.  For example, in one zone, a colorful arrangement of fabric and paper cascades onto the floor in the work by painter and textile artist Diane June, while in another, Dahlia Elsayed features a work table still bearing residues of past projects on its surface.  Joseph Gerard Sabatino presents a meat grinder in his zone, and Gladys Barker Grauer an old-fashioned loom in hers.

These and all the other displays are at the Paul Robeson Gallery through July 24, 2014. The main gallery, which is free and open to the public, is at 350 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., in the Paul Robeson Campus Center.

The following artists are part of In-Site:The Creative Process:
Manuel Acevedo – Bronx, NY; Terry Boddie – West Orange, NJ; Nancy Cohen – Jersey City, NJ; Kevin Darmanie – Newark, NJ; Evonne Davis – Newark, NJ; Dahlia Elsayed – Palisades Park, NJ; Jerry Gant – Newark, NJ; Matt Gosser – Newark, NJ; Gladys Barker Grauer – Newark, NJ; Diane June – Weehawken, NJ; Jessica Lagunas – New York, NY; So Yoon Lym – North Haledon, NJ; David D. Oquendo – Pompton Lakes, NJ; Roberto Osti – Bloomfield, NJ; Nell Painter – Newark, NJ; German Pitre – Newark, NJ; Babs Reingold – Bayonne, NJ; Joseph Gerard Sabatino – Paterson, NJ; Kevin Blythe Sampson – Newark, NJ; Adrienne Wheeler – Newark, NJ; Beth Whitney – Jersey City, NJ.

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