News Source Advisory: Mayor Ed Koch's Legacy

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Rutgers University Professor Robert W. Snyder is available for interview on the legacy of New York City Mayor Ed Koch.

Professor Snyder, director of Rutgers-Newark’s esteemed American Studies program, is currently completing a book on New York City from Mayors LaGuardia to Bloomberg.  Snyder, who spent time with Ed Koch, is available for interviews on Mayor Koch’s legacy.

Professor Snyder can be reached directly on his mobile phone:  (917) 656-4154.  His email is

Professor Snyder is an experienced and charismatic commentator who has been featured on major media in New York and nationally. He can distill the pros and cons of Ed Koch’s legacy in the most media-friendly way.   Professor Snyder’s view:  Though Mayor Koch’s economic policies contributed to economic inequality, the mayor retained a faith in the importance of politics, government and vigorous public debate that other mayors of New York have lacked.


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