A Look at Black Student Success

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The Education Trust, in a new report, titled, A Look at Black Student Success, places Rutgers University–Newark among the top-performing institutions in the U.S. for closing the college completion gap between black and white students. But the story is even better than revealed by the report, which examined the success of universities in graduating students who entered college in fall 2008. That was just as the full force of the Great Recession hit the U.S., which affected the ability of many students of all backgrounds to complete college on schedule. Indeed, for the entering class of 2009, Rutgers-Newark eliminated the graduation gap entirely, even while enrollment of black students climbed. All of this reflects Rutgers-Newark’s longstanding track record, reflected in earlier Education Trust reports, which have consistently placed Rutgers-Newark among the leading universities in graduating students from groups underrepresented nationally in higher education.