Alan Hyde, Leading Labor and Employment Law Scholar at Rutgers Law School–Newark, Earns University Promotion

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Newark, NJ – Rutgers School of Law–Newark Professor Alan Hyde, a labor and employment law scholar of worldwide stature who also enjoys a distinguished reputation for his work in legal theory and law and society, has been promoted to the rank of Professor II. Conferred by the Rutgers University Board of Governors, the Professor II designation is reserved for faculty who have achieved national and international recognition in their field. 

Professor Hyde is a ground-breaking and influential scholar, challenging teacher, and a generous mentor to junior faculty colleagues and other academics,” said Dean Stuart L. Deutsch. “His promotion is a well-deserved honor.”

Among Hyde’s most significant work are the books Working in Silicon Valley: Economic and Legal Analysis of a High-Velocity Labor Market (2003) and Bodies of Law (1997). Working in Silicon Valley has been widely praised as an innovative analysis of how the experiences of the high technology labor market offer important insights about the law and economic forces for other industries in which job changes are frequent and the employment relationship is loose. Legal theory scholars applaud Bodies of Law as an original and highly sophisticated account of the way in which law regards the human body in contexts as diverse as workplace injuries, drug testing, criminal rights, and invasions of privacy.

Professor Hyde is also the co-author of Legal Rights and Interests in the Workplace: Cases and Materials on Employment and Labor Law (with C.W. Summers and K.G. Dau-Schmidt, 2007) and Cases and Materials on Labor Law (2nd ed., 1982) (with C.W. Summers and H.H. Wellington). His book in progress, titled Global Labor Law: Theory, Policy, Evidence, is an expanded treatment of his paper “A Stag Hunt Account and Defense of Transnational Labour Standards—A Preliminary Look at the Problem” in Globalization and the Future of Labour Law (John D.R. Craig and S. Michael Lynk, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2006). Professor Hyde is a director of the Association for Union Democracy, and frequently writes briefs in labor and employment cases on behalf of the Association and other employee rights organizations. 

Professor Hyde earned his A.B. from Stanford and his J.D. from Yale. Before joining the Rutgers faculty in 1978, he was an instructor at New York University School of Law and represented the National Labor Relations Board in federal courts of appeals. He has been a visiting professor at Yale, Columbia, Cornell, New York University, Cardozo, the University of Michigan, and the University of Toronto law schools. He teaches Labor Law, Employment Law, Immigration and Naturalization Law, and Contracts.

Media Contact: Janet Donohue