Areas of Study/Departments

Rutgers-Newark is home to more than 40 undergraduate liberal arts majors as well as more than 50 graduate and professional programs. We invite you to explore some of our departments and areas of study by viewing the websites and brochures below. To learn more about programs in medicine, dentistry, public health, and health-related professions, visit
Area of Study Under grad Masters Doctoral Joint Degreesort ascending Cont. Ed.
Urban Education Undergrad Masters Doctoral Joint Degree
Teacher Certification Undergrad Masters Doctoral Joint Degree
Urban Systems Doctoral Joint Degree
Biology Undergrad Masters Doctoral Joint Degree
Public Health Masters Joint Degree
Medical Doctor Doctoral Joint Degree
Law Doctoral Joint Degree
Ancient and Medieval Civilizations Undergrad Joint Degree
Criminal Justice Undergrad Masters Doctoral Joint Degree
Computational Biology Masters Joint Degree
History Undergrad Masters Joint Degree
Accounting Undergrad Doctoral
Video Production Undergrad
Social Work Undergrad Masters
Science, Technology, and Management Doctoral
African-American and African Studies Undergrad
Women's and Gender Studies Undergrad Masters
Sociology Undergrad
School Nurse Continuing Education
Medical Imaging Studies Undergrad
Zoology Undergrad
Spanish Undergrad
Art Undergrad
Supply Chain Management Undergrad Doctoral
Public Management Continuing Education
Anthropology Undergrad
Visual Arts Undergrad
Theater Undergrad
American Studies Masters Doctoral
Neuroscience Doctoral
Chemistry Undergrad Masters Doctoral
Clinical Laboratory Sciences Undergrad
Computer Science Undergrad
Creative Writing Masters
Environmental Geology Masters
Economics Undergrad Masters Doctoral
Global Affairs Masters Doctoral
Engineering Undergrad
Jazz History and Research Masters
English Undergrad Masters
Liberal Studies Masters
Environmental Sciences Undergrad Masters Doctoral
Mathematical Sciences Doctoral
Finance Undergrad Doctoral
Public Administration Masters Doctoral
Geology Undergrad
Geoscience Engineering Undergrad
Public Performance Measurement Continuing Education
Information Systems Undergrad
Business District Executive Management Continuing Education
Journalism and Media Studies Undergrad
Nonprofit Management Masters Continuing Education
Management Undergrad Masters Doctoral
Management Information Systems Undergrad
Accountancy in Financial Accounting Program Masters
Marketing Undergrad
Accountancy in Governmental Accounting Program Masters
Mathematics Undergrad
Accountancy in Taxation Masters
Music Undergrad Masters
Quantitative Finance Masters
Business and Science Masters
Nursing Undergrad Masters Doctoral
Accounting Information Systems Doctoral
Philosophy Undergrad
Physics Undergrad Masters Doctoral
Information Technology Masters Doctoral
Political Science Undergrad Masters
International Business Doctoral
Portuguese & Lusophone World Studies Undergrad
Management Science Doctoral
Psychology Undergrad Doctoral
Marketing Science Doctoral
Public and Nonprofit Administration Undergrad
Organization Management Doctoral