LGBT Students and Allies: A Guide

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A Guide For LGBTQ Students and Their Allies

A university as large and diverse as Rutgers is an exciting place. Yet for some, college can be intimidating, especially if you're lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, or queer (LGBTIQ). Or, you might not be sure what category best describes you (Q or questioning). As a member of the LGBTIQ community, you may wonder if the Rutgers University-Newark campus will be a welcoming place and where you can go for advice and support.

Check out the new LGBTQ & Diversity Resource Center located in Conklin Hall, Room 232

No college or university is a perfect haven, isolated from the harsh realities of the outside world. But everyone who comes to Rutgers University-Newark should feel welcome, safe and accepted. Indeed, a core value of the Rutgers University-Newark community is the belief that everyone is an important member of this university, regardless of sexual orientation, or any other factor. This is only fitting for Rutgers University-Newark, the most diverse national university campus in the U.S.

You will discover on this website that Rutgers has many resources in place to help you feel comfortable and welcomed. And keep in mind that we are continuously improving what we do and what we offer, so keep us bookmarked for revisits.

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A Message From Our Chancellor

Our campus and our university have a long tradition of offering programs that aim to dispel ignorance and misunderstanding about the differences that make us unique individuals. For instance, we hold orientation programs for new students who find themselves – perhaps for the first time in their lives - interacting with people who might be very different from themselves. Students themselves interact with their peers to teach respect for privacy and basic individual rights, and to constructively challenge behavior that could be degrading or harmful to others, through organizations like Unity Theatre and RU Pride.

A Guide To Words Used In The LGBTQI Community

(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersexed)
What does it mean to be "bigendered"? What is a "gender normative"? What does "ze" mean? Look up these and other common terms in this guide.