Why Diversity Matters

"The Rutgers University-Newark campus, indeed, is a microcosm of the global economy that enables us to interact with students from more than 150 countries and learn about their culture and traditions. This has helped me tremendously in my job at Merrill Lynch. I am repeatedly called in to manage projects that are more global, as well as contribute to building my company's multicultural business."
Amit Rijhsinghani, Newark College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2003

"We all like to believe that we understand diverse perspectives, but law school opened my eyes to a much wider view of the world. Being in a school where there was such a diverse population added immeasurably to the experience. Looking back, I have a much greater appreciation for that aspect of the school. Rutgers, for me, was a life-changing experience."
- Jeffrey Hsi, School of Law-Newark, Class of 1997

"Rutgers Law School embraces different cultures, gives people opportunity, and makes a true difference. It’s not theory or empty policy; it goes to the heart of building a diverse nation and creating professionals in both the business and legal worlds who will work effectively in a culturally diverse environment."
- Jeanne Habib, School of Law-Newark, Class of 1992

The following anonymous responses were gleaned from surveys of Rutgers University-Newark graduating senior surveys:

"You gain an experience that you never forget and the diversity is an important factor also because you learn to interact with people from all countries’ there will always be something to gain. Knowledge is power!"

"Rutgers University-Newark can make a person believe they are studying abroad because of all the cultures and diversity encompassed on this campus. I feel as if I have traveled around the world at Rutgers University-Newark."

"… I like the fact that I am going to school with different types of people. It allows for many different perspectives and good classroom discussions."

"Although our diversity is publicized, I think everyone should be informed as to how well we all get along with one another. It’s beautiful to see groups of friends where not one single person is of the same background of the others. There is a sense of unity here that I have not seen at other universities."

"…If high school students are interested in learning about different cultures, Rutgers University-Newark is definitely the school for them. This is the only school where I have learned from other cultures that are extremely different from mine."

November 13, 2008

With no racial group claiming a majority, Rutgers University-Newark once again has been dubbed by U.S. News & World Report as the most diverse campus in the country.