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From Student Life to International Travels, SPAA Student Ngima Wambugu (BA'17, MPA'18) Says Yes to Opportunity

As a five-year-old girl, Ngima Wambugu traveled with her parents from Kenya to the United States in search of  “opportunity,” a word imbued with the promise of achievement and fulfilling one’s dreams.


SPAA’s First PhD Alumna (PhD ’97) Is an Internationally Recognized Scholar in Performance Measurement

In 1997, Patria de Lancer Julnes became the first woman to graduate from Rutgers University-Newark with a PhD in public administration.


Rutgers SPAA Alumnus Shane Fuller (BA’16, MPA’17) Strives to Positively Impact Future Generations

When starting his education at Rutgers University–Newark, Shane Fuller (BA’16, MPA’17) discovered early on that he wanted to work with and inspire youth, but he wanted to do more than teach.


Debate Team Wins Coveted West Point Saber in Tournament Championship

This fall, the Rutgers University-Newark Debate Team, housed at Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration, proudly set a sword and hilt atop its trophy case – a symbol of a well-earned victory at the West Point


SPAA Assistant Professor Pengju Zhang Explains Fiscal Challenges at the State and Local Level

State and local governments are constantly confronted with fiscal challenges, including debt management, government spending, and taxation.