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Doctorate Provides New Purpose for SPAA Alumnus Jonathan Justice ('03)

Several years after graduating from college with his bachelor’s degree, Jonathan Justice (PhD’03) carved his way into the public sector by writing letters and making cold calls that led to a job as a business improvement


Public Service Interests Set SPAA Graduate Mohamed Abdelghany (BA'18) on Path to Harvard

This fall, Mohamed Abdelghany will begin his studies at Harvard Law School – a stark change for the man who enrolled at Rutgers University–Newark (RU-N) with dreams of becoming a doctor.


SPAA PhD Graduate Seth Meyer ('18) Transitions from Practitioner to Professor

“I’ve been active with nonprofits and nonprofit management for a period of time from high school ’til now, but I will not say the number of years,” joked PhD graduate Seth Meyer ('18).


Rutgers-NJPAC Partnership Supports Complementary Missions

Long revered for its place as an anchor institution of the arts, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) has recently taken center stage as an educational partner in Rutgers University-Newark’s classrooms.


SPAA Graduate Bimpé Fageyinbo Explores the Artistry in Public Administration

Last year, Bimpé Fageyinbo released What was Me, her second book of poetry.