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NJ Secretary of Higher Education Honors Newark City of Learning Collaborative, GSLSAMP with “Equity Trailblazer Award

Stakeholders from around the state joined the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education, Rochelle Hendricks, on Monday, November 20, 2017 in Princeton for “65 by 25: Many Paths, One Future – The Equity Imperative,” during


“Secrets to College Admissions” is Expanding Newark’s College-Going Culture

This summer, the Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC) hosted “Secrets to College Admissions: What You Wish They Told You about College!” a five-session series of college knowledge workshops held in local library


Chorus Will ‘Sing for Its Supper’ To Raise Funds for Overseas Tour

Concerts Planned for Montclair, Maplewood, Newark

Some have never set foot outside the U.S.; others have never sung in an organized chorus; most are undergraduate or graduate students while a few are alumni and f


Newark's Historic Military Park Undergoing a Revival Benefiting Surrounding Businesses and College Students

In the midst of downtown Newark, Military Park, a spot that endured wars and riots and urban decline, is quietly being revive


Summer in the City

New Jersey’s largest city, that is.  There’s lots to do and see after class or work and on weekends.  Here are some ideas for summer fun in Rutgers-Newark’s hometown: