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Assistant Teaching Professor Lois Warner Shows the Artistic Side of Public Administration

As a PhD student at the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), Dr.


It Takes More Than Bricks and Mortar To Revitalize A City and Its Citizens

One of the best-kept secrets about Newark is how it nurtures the arts.


Strike Up the Band: Mostly Free Music, Dance at Rutgers University-Newark, This Spring

(above) The Lula Washington Dance Theater, in concert on Feb. 26


Strike Up the Band: Music, Dance at Rutgers

For great music or dance performances, at a great price, Rutgers University-Newark offers a diverse calendar of performances.


Open Your Eyes to the Artistic Side of Hair and an Invisible City, All Part of the Visual Arts Scene at Rutgers University in Newark

Want to discover the many ways in which hair is represented in culture and the arts?  Or see the hidden beauty of “the invisible city” of a Newark artist?