Strategic Plan Implementation

Four priority areas have been identified where a deeper kind of reflection on our practices and opportunities is called for. The study groups will continue the participatory dialogues afforded by our visioning process. Stemming from the many comments we heard during the strategic visioning process, the four study groups to start this tradition of inquiry and reflection are:

  • The New Professoriate
  • Staffing for the New Mission
  • The Anchor Institution
  • Leveraging Diversity

These study groups are charged with leading a community-wide conversation about and formulating recommendations for what is needed to capitalize on our history and assets as we embrace this vision.

The New Professoriate

A study group on the new professoriate will help us think about what is needed to create the right foundation for scholarship of the future. This study group will address questions regarding the tenure clock, public scholarship, non-tenured faculty, and graduate and professional training.

Staffing for the New Mission

A study group on staffing for the new mission will help us think about optimal strategies for building an excellent staff. Topics will include staff training and development, recognition of staff in the anchor institution framework, and new ways of leveraging the talents of our staff for our institutional mission.

The Anchor Institution

A study group on the anchor institution will help us identify ways that we can more fully and broadly develop our anchor institution ideal. Topics will include strategies for deepening the connection to community, mechanisms for mutual investment and civic dialogue, partnership strategies, and ways to cement a two-way flow of engagement from campus-community and community-campus.

Leveraging Diversity

A study group on leveraging diversity will identify a range of ways that our signal distinguishing character—a diverse faculty, staff, and student body—can be leveraged so that the connection between our excellence and our diversity is apparent throughout the curriculum, university experience, and community civic life.

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