Strategic Plan - Study Groups

Anchor Institution Action Group Report:

Our recently completed strategic visioning process underscored this defining aspectof RU-N’s identity, yielding a strategic plan that emphasizes the need to develop even more fully and purposefully our anchor institution agenda. Our work toward this end has been organized thus far under five broad areas that capture much of the scholarly expertise and civic-oriented interests in anchor institution work: (read more)

Leveraging diversity:

Rutgers University-Newark has a remarkable opportunity to become a leader not only because of the demographic diversity of its student body, but as a leader in the practice of diversity in higher education.  We are already doing many things well, but implementing our strategic plan calls us to move forward with a self-conscious and innovative strategy for leveraging diversity for the years to come.  We have the opportunity, as the strategic plan says, to be “the place where excellence embraces diversity” (p. 39).

To do this, we can build on successful strategies developed here and at other leading universities.   The work of the Diversity Action Group has led us to see our task as one of innovation and integration.  There are places and parts of our mission as a university where we need to increase our diversity, and there are places where we need to leverage our diversity. (read more)

The New Professoriate Study Group:

The New Professoriate Study Group of the Chancellor’s Rutgers University-Newark Strategic Plan (the Plan) studied various aspects of current and future instructional roles in the context of an urban anchor institution committed to both equity and excellence. Ours is a broad agenda, arising directly from the strategic planning process—from charrettes to strategic priorities. As the Plan observed, “Our strategic vision calls upon us to embrace a wider range of excellence in faculty scholarship, recognizing the multifaceted value gained from the diversity of research that emerges from breaking silos and engaging with other constituents outside the academic sphere.” The Plan also recognizes that the New Professoriate will be different from its predecessor. (read more)


Staffing for the New Mission Action Team:

The Staffing for the New Mission Action Team (SAT) embraced the charge “to think about optimal strategies for building an excellent staff, including how to best train and develop existing staff; how to best recognize staff within the anchor institution framework; and how to best leverage the talents of staff for our institutional mission.” To thoroughly examine central staffing themes in the strategic plan, the SAT formed five sub-teams focused on the following areas: talent management, professional development, staff recognition, staff voice, and communication. Improvement in each area is critical to ensure that Rutgers University-Newark (RU-N) is a true “employer of choice,” and implementation of the recommendations put forth by the SAT will move RU-N toward that shared objective. (read more)