Strategic Plan - Schools and Colleges

Over the past several months, RU-N leadership convened their units and engaged in a conversation about the implications of the Strategic Plan for their work. By thinking through the connection between their unit’s work and this strategic vision, these units identified specific strategies that will enable them to take this work forward creatively and rapidly. In keeping with the cross-cutting theme of “building bridges and breaking down silos,” the leadership looked both within their units for effective ways to implement the vision and across RU-N (and beyond it) to find the appropriate collaborators and to create a community of experts and stakeholders working together on shared initiatives.

Schools and Colleges Strategic Initiatives Plans

Center for Law & JusticeLaw School
In response to the formidable challenges facing law schools today, Rutgers School of Law-Newark strives to adhere to certain precepts that have distinguished this law school as among the nation's best. These would include encouraging faculty to produce high quality scholarship reflecting a wide range of viewpoints; providing an opportunity for a quality legal education to persons who have traditionally been excluded from this opportunity and who represent communities that have traditionally not received quality legal service; and being always aware of and responsive to the needs of society and the role lawyers can serve in addressing those needs. Read full report

1 WashingtonBusiness School
By cultivating business knowledge, ethical judgment, and global perspective in our students, by promoting innovative research and teaching, and by establishing robust business partnerships, Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick serves New Jersey, its surrounding communities, and the world. Read full report


Center for Law & Justice at nightSchool of Criminal Justice
Having recently celebrated our 40th Anniversary as a School, the School of Criminal Justice is taking active steps to improve the quality of our work that are very much in line with the Rutgers University – Newark Strategic Plan “Where Excellence Meets Opportunity.” Some representative, but by no means exhaustive, examples of these on-going efforts are listed below. Read full report


SPAASchool of Public Affairs and Administration
SPAA engages the greater Newark community through its student internship and capstone projects, working with local organizations, departments, and agencies, such as Jersey Cares. Read full report