NPSC Launches A Collective Effort to Reduce Auto Thefts Due to Car Idling


The Newark Public Safety Collaborative (NPSC) is happy to announce the launch of a community-led campaign to reduce auto thefts in the city of Newark. In early 2020, NPSC partner organizations agreed to organize a poster competition that sought to engage community organizations and residents in an effort to increase awareness of the risks of leaving cars running unattended. To address this crime problem, the NPSC has analyzed the data and partnered with various community-based organizations (CBOs) in a data-informed community engagement (DICE) effort that seeks to mobilize resources to reduce auto thefts in Newark. In July 2020, NPSC announced that Liyah S., a 6-year-old Newark resident, was the poster contest winner. The resulting campaign flyer depicts the winning poster and other relevant data insights to inform the Newark community of the public safety risks associated with leaving cars running unattended.

The winning poster by Liyah S., a 6-year-old Newark resident

This Auto Theft Crime Reduction Strategy will consist of community-led visits to retail stores, parking lots, and other locations within identified target areas. NPSC analysts identified these locations as posing an increased risk for auto theft due to their unique spatial configuration (i.e., presence of unique environmental features) and recent exposure to crime (i.e., clustering of incidents). Currently, twelve community-based organizations and the Newark Police Division, have partnered to distribute a total of 6,000 flyers at specific locations throughout the city of Newark.

Any organization that wishes to join this effort can email NPSC's Task Manager, Mr. Divad Sanders, at to receive a personalized data packet and copies of this campaign's flyers delivered by mail.