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November 2018

Book Talk: Women and the Egyptian Revolution: Engagement and Activism during the 2011 Arab Uprisings. Harvard Kennedy School. Nov. 6 Prof. Nermin Allam (SASN - Politics)

October 2018

Congrats to @Rutgers_Newark AfAm Studies alum Johanna Ortner @Erlauftalerin for recovering Frances Watkins Harper’s first book of poems. Oct 31. AfAm alum Johanna Ortner

NJ colleges compete to register voters, students push for more engagement among peers. Oct 31. Rutgers-Newark wins NJ Ballot Bowl

Painting Black Men to Be Seen and Respected as Powerful Figures in the Art World The Root. Oct. 29. Prof.Jordan Casteel (SASN)

Can Companies and M&A Law in Europe Adapt to the Market for Corporate Control? CLS Blue Sky Blog. Oct. 29 Prof. Matteo Gatti (Law)

At Rutgers conference, women entrepreneurs share their money lessons. Oct. 29 Women Do Business Differently Conference at Rutgers-Newark

US mosque strikes point to looser targeting rules in fight against Islamic State Al-Monitor. Oct. 28. Prof. Adil Haque (Law)

RU-N’s School of Criminal Justice & RBHS Designated as Gun Violence Research Center |

Trump Should Declare Myanmar's Rohingya Campaign a Genocide. The National Interest. Oct. 26

High Cost of Silence: Khashoggi and Women’s Rights Activists in Saudi Arabia. The Globe Post. Oct. 26. Nermin Allam (SASN) 

Cleveland, Akron Will Try To Prove Opioid Cases Without A Single Bogus Prescription. Forbes. Oct. 25. David Noll (Law)

Midterms 2018: Amid security fears, NJ elections 'on track,' top official says. Oct. 24. Penny Venetis (Law) 

Stepping into an Amazon store helps it get inside your head. Oct. 23. Prof. Stacy Schwartz (RBS) 

ROI-NJ reveals 2018 Real Estate influencers list. Oct. 22 Prof. Morris Davis (Center for Real Estate)

When we meet again. Oct. 22. Prof. Tim Raphael (SASN), Prof. Janice Gallagher (SASN). 

Hacking an election in NJ is surprisingly easy, expert warn. NJ 101.5. Oct. 18. Prof. Penny Venetis (Law)

Michael Allies with Rutgers University to speak at DataAmplified in Dubai. Twitter. Oct. 16. Michael Alles (RBS)

The (Ir)Revelance of Law in Egypt's Failed Transition to Democracy. Cornell Law School. Sahar Aziz (Law)

At this college, academic excellence requires passion for the social good PBS NewsHour Oct. 16. Feature on RU-N’s Honors Living Learning Community 2018.

Meet the man who will lead the next phase of major Newark redevelopment Oct. 14. featuring double RU-N alumnus Tim Lizura

John Keene, RU-N professor and chair of African American and African studies and a professor of English wins MacArthur Genius Grant NY Times | | | Washington Post | Chicago Sun-Times | NJ Monthly | The Root | St. Louis Today

A Damaging Bid to Censor Applications at Harvard. The New York Times Oct. 10. Elise Boddie (Law)

How Amazon could change higher education in Newark. Oct. 9. RU-N senior vice chancellor for administration, economic development and chief financial officer Arcelio Aponte quoted

40 Years of Hip-Hop Photos New York Times Oct. 5. RU-N Visiting Lecturer Fayemi Shakur

'Called Back to the World': An Interview with Alice Walker. The New York Review of Books Oct. 1. Price Institute Co-director, Salamishan Tillet

September 2018

Rutgers Law School Views Kavanaugh Hearing NBC News | Breaking News Headlines | WXXV 25 | | WCBS 880

How Judge Victoria Pratt is Changing the World with Procedural 

Express Newark Awarded More Than $200,000 in Third Space Grants New Jersey Stage. Sept. 27 Express Newark Third Space grant announcement

Trump guts protections for victims of student-on-student sexual assault. Sept 23. Prof. Penny Venetis (Law)

Your next NJ traffic stop could leave you face-to-face with a troubled cop. Daily Record. Sept. 20 Prof. George Thomas (Law)  

Stop abusing state power to quash Palestinian activism on campus. The New Arab. Sept. 19. Prof. Sahar F. Aziz (Law)

NCLC Launches Citywide Discussions on Groundbreaking College-Going Report, Sept. 19 NJTV | News 12 | TapInto | Chalkbeat |WMBC

Gay Ex-Scientologist Michelle LeClair Claims She Was Stalked and Harassed After Leaving the Church. Sept. 5 People Magazine, review of book co-authored by RU-N Journalism Dept. Chair Robin Gaby Fisher

Sahar Aziz on BBC: Kavanaugh Nomination to SCOTUS. YouTube Sept. 19. Prof. Sahar Aziz (Law)

Essex Grads Excel as They Move On Sept. 17 Featuring Rutgers-Newark Honors Living Learning Community students

Catastrophe overload? Read philosophers and poetry instead of headlines The Conversation. Sept. 17. Prof. Rachel Hadas (SASN)

Bribery, Crowdfunding, and the Strange Case of Senator Susan Collins The Atlantic. Sept.14. Prof. Stuart Green (Law)   

Zahra Ali, Women and Gender in Iraq: Between Nation-Building and Fragmentation Jadaliyya. Sept. 13. Prof. Zahra Ali (SASN)

The Entrenched Effects of Misconduct in the Restaurant Industry The Atlantic. Sept. 12 Prof. Sahar Aziz (Law) 

The Authoritarianization of U.S. Counterterrorism SSRN Sept. 12 Prof. Sahar Aziz (Law)

Serena Williams’s Gift to Naomi Osaka, and Women, at the U.S. Open. New York Times. Sept. 10. Op-ed by Price Institute Co-Director Salamishah Tillet

Will death sentences deter Sisi's opponents in Egypt? Aljazeera Sept. 9. Prof Sahar Aziz (Law)

Lord & Taylor To Close Monmouth Mall Store Sept. 8. Marc Kalan, a marketing professor at RBS, quoted

Great Oak Awards to Honor Generous Jerseyans New Jersey Monthly. Sept. 7. RU-N Alum Ray Chambers to be honored 

Rutgers Class of 2022: Diverse, accomplished and largest Sept. 7. Featuring RU-N First-Year student Hailey Gonzalez

Rutgers Business Insight: How to use your free time to be more productive. Rutgers Business School. Sept. 4. Prof. Gabreiela Tonietto (RBS)

The silent deception of Newark's 'sanctuary city' status. ThinkProgress. Sept 3. Prof. Mary Rizzo (History)

Cheese danish shipping, warrantless GPS trackers, and a border doctrine challenge. Arstechnica.  Sept. 2. Prof. Bernard Bell (Law)

Happy Memories May be Good for Us Tap Into Newark, Sept. 2. Featuring RU-N Graduate Student Megan Speer; Written by RU-N Professor Kitta Macpherson

Cheese danish shipping, warrantless GPS trackers, and a border doctrine challenge. Arstechnica  Sept. 2. Prof. Bernard Bell (Law)

Happy Labor Day. You're fired! | Moran Sept. 2. Prof. Alan Hyde (Law)