RU-N Lauded For Ties to City in NY Times Op-Ed

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In this New York Times op-ed, Nick Burns, an editor at Americas Quarterly, argues that private universities must stop separating themselves--physically and intellectually--from surrounding cities and towns. He cited Rutgers-Newark as an example of a school that has successfully integrated campus with community. Read the full story here: 

“The elite American university today is a paradox: Even as concerns about social justice continue to preoccupy students and administrations, these universities often seem to be out of touch with the society they claim to care so much about. Many on the right and in the center believe universities have become ideological echo chambers...but a key factor is often ignored: geography.
....To put it another way, what’s most dangerous for the health of America’s intellectual elite is not that most professors have similar cultural tastes and similar liberal politics.. It’s that the campus setup makes it easy for them to forget that reasonable people often don’t share their outlook...Bringing American universities into closer contact with society would reinvigorate academic inquiry and produce graduates with broader minds and more social awareness.”
By and large, urban state universities like Rutgers University’s Newark campus have done a much better job integrating with their environments than elite private universities....”