New Report Gives Rutgers-Newark High Score for Equitable Access

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High marks for Rutgers-Newark in providing black students equitable access to college

A new national report card from the University of Southern California’s Race and Equity Center gives Rutgers University–Newark high marks for providing black students equitable access to a college education. The report, which assesses every public four-year university in the U.S., gauges how well each is serving black students using the Center’s system, which uses federal data to compile equity index scores that are like grade point averages. RU-N received a score of 3.25, placing it among the among the highest rated institutions nationally.

Shaun Harper, the center’s executive director, and his research associate Isaiah Simmons used data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System to measure the following:

  • Whether an institution’s percentage of black undergraduates matches the overall black population, ages 18 to 24, in that university’s home state.
  • If a college or university enrolls the same percentage of black men and women as the percentage of men and women across all racial and ethnic groups nationwide – roughly 56 percent women and 44 percent men.
  • The extent to which black students graduate from a university within six years and if it matches an institution’s overall graduation rate.
  • The ratio of black students to black full-time professors.

For each of those four benchmarks, the center assigned a letter grade, A through F, and then used the four letter grades to calculate an “equity index score” for each university.

This recent report shows RU-N’s continued success at recruiting, educating, and graduating a diverse student body, reflecting the conclusions of other recent analyses by The New York Times, The Education Trust, and The Hechinger Report.

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