In the News Spring 2019


Recent Media Coverage

May 2019

Cómix Latinx: Recovering Latinx History through Comic Biographies, Comicosity, May 31, Written by Ph.D. Candidate Jennifer Caroccio

20 Young Refugees In Malta Were Given Cameras And A National Geographic Workshop. This Is What They Captured. Lovin Malta, May 28, Featuring Newest Americans

One Fateful Night with Donny Hathaway. New York Times, May 27, Written by Price Institute Assoc. Director Salamishah Tillet

The Movement to Normalize Bike Riding for Women. New Jersey Monthly, May 23, featuring RU-N alumnae

A Life Skill. The Hudson Reporter, May 22, featuring 13 RU-N students via the School of Criminal Justice

Rutgers student honors late father who helped him get into college. News 12 New Jersey, May 2019, featuring RBS senior Anthony L. Brown

Black Women in Chicago, Getting Things Done. New York Times, May 18, Op-ed by Price Institute Assoc. Director Salamishah Tillet

Bed Bugs Don’t Need Beds, or Humans, to Survive. They Never Did. PBS, May 16, SASN Biologist Jessica Ware quoted.

Finding the Disappeared: The Immigration Detention Archive Conundrum Medium, May 15. American Studies Professor Mary Rizzo 

Should I Be Terrified of Snakes… and What are They Going Through These Days Anyway? with Dr. Sara Ruane. Getting Curious with Johnathan Van Ness, May 15. Professor Sara Ruane, SASN Biology Dept.

How 1800s racism birthed Chinatown, Japantown and other ethnic enclaves. NBC News, May 13. Professor Jack Tchen, Price Institute Director

Calls to ban the Muslim Brotherhood aim to criminalise US Muslim dissent, not counter terrorism. The New Arab. May 10. Prof. Sahar Aziz, Law

Using an X-Ray Laser, Researchers Make the Loudest Underwater Sound Physics Central, May 10. Claudio Stan, SASN Physics - Lead Researcher

Prudential Financial, Rutgers-Newark Partner to Cultivate Newark Change Makers [HLLC], May 7. Patch | NJBiz | Philanthropy News Digest

1 million species under threat of extinction because of humans, report finds. CNBC, May 6, SASN Biologist Jessica Ware quoted.

Brown Reflects on 50 Years of 'Open' Curriculum. Inside Higher Ed, May 6. HLLC Dean Tim Eatman quoted.

Many Happy Returns. CBS Sunday Morning, May 5. Kevin Lyons, RBS, interviewed.

These 5 N.J. companies reported nearly $5 billion in U.S. income last year. Their federal tax bill: $0., May 3. Jay Soled, RBS, quoted.

April 2019

Eventage’s 20 Acts of Kindness Culminate in Commencement Regalia for 40 Deserving Rutgers Grads. The Village Green, April 30. Featuring Rutgers-Newark graduating seniors

Standing with our students: Congress must pass the American Dream and Promise Act. The Hill. April 30. Chancellor Nancy Cantor op-ed

Sahar Aziz discusses the rise of hate crimes in the US. CGTN Youtube April 29, Prof. Sahar Aziz, Law

Want to become a better mentor? Ask for anonymous feedback. Science. April 29. Prof. Courtney Sobers (SASN)

Culture Con 2019 – Newark FiOS. April 28. Feature on Newark Culture Con

How Vaughn Spann Became the Art World’s New Favorite Painter. April 25. Vaughn Spann, SASN alum

These Queer Poets Expand on Black Life Through Their Work. The Root. April 23 Saeed Jones, MFA alumnus

New Jersey storytellers share how tough conversations changed their lives., April 22. Featuring SASN Junior Kaity Assaf

Legal pot will make some people rich. Let’s make sure those victimized by prohibition benefit first., April 22. Op-Ed by Rutgers Business School-Newark's Lyneir Richardson

New York has made waves of religiously diverse immigration work. How America can too. The Washington Post. April 19. Prof. Robert Snyder, SASN Arts, Culture and Media 

How Donald Trump Resurrected the 9/11 Loyalty Test. The Atlantic, April 16. Professor Sahar Aziz quoted, Rutgers Law School-Newark

Egypt inmates dread noose as executions rise under Sisi. AFP, April 13. Professor Sahar Aziz quoted, Rutgers Law School-Newark

Boeing has called its 737 Max 8 ‘not suitable’ for certain airports. LA Times, April 11. Professor Roger Clark, Rutgers Law School-Newark

Mercer County Students Take First Prize in Rutgers Business School Case Competition. New Jersey Business, April 8. New Jersey County College Case competition at Rutgers Business School-Newark

Are Boys Really Better Than Grils at Math and Science? Psychology Today, April 8, Vanessa Lobue, SAS-N Psychology

As climate change erodes US coastlines, an invasive plant could become an ally. Judith Weis, SAS-N Biology Professor. The Conversation | wtop

Ayatollahland Michigan Quarterly Review, April 5. Dena Afrasiabi, MFA alumna

Life and Death in West Virginia. Guernica. April 5, Christa Parravani, SAS-N

Drug Tests Then Debate in Ukraine's Presidential Runoff. Washington Post, April 5, SAS-N Prof. Alexander Motyl quoted.

Play At Rutgers-Newark Examines Lives Of Minors In Jail Patch. April 1. Rutgers Law School-Newark play