Message from Chancellor: Guidance on Travel to/from Rutgers-Newark

Dear Rutgers University – Newark faculty and staff colleagues,

As outlined yesterday by President Barchi and reinforced by my subsequent message, across Rutgers we are taking very seriously Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 107, which increases restrictions on social gatherings and business operations in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Even though the order permits travel to work and for educational purposes, leadership and supervisors across Rutgers-Newark are making every effort to have as many people work from home as possible. Physical presence of employees on campus is expected to occur only when absolutely necessary.

For those faculty and staff members for whom it is necessary to be on campus for some amount of time, Rutgers has issued the following guidance in accord with Executive Order 107:

    1.  Display your Rutgers ID, which you should keep with you at all times;

    2.  If you are stopped explain that you are travelling to or from work at an educational institution, or in support of essential operations at an educational institution, and that remote support of this educational function is not practicable, all of which is expressly provided for in the Governor’s Executive Order (EO 107 at paragraphs 2, 10-11); and

    3.  Verification of your employment can be provided by RUPD, which can be reached at 848-932-7211.

We know that adapting to the prevailing conditions—from supporting instruction and student development, to research, to operations at every level—presents extraordinary challenges and is highly demanding. All of us in leadership at Rutgers-Newark could not be more grateful for your resilient response to the impact of this international crisis on our community and we stand with you in facing whatever new challenges the evolving situation presents.

In solidarity,
Nancy Cantor