John J. Farmer, Jr.

The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11

Drawing on declassified tapes, transcripts and records as well as his experience as a principal author of the 9/11 Commission Report, Dean John J. Farmer Jr. writes a compelling account of the actualities and mysteries pertaining to the federal government’s response to the surprise attacks on September 11, 2001.

Named one of the NY Times Book Reviews "100 Notable Books of 2009," The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11 reconstructs the truth of what happened on that fateful day and the disastrous circumstances that allowed its occurrence. In The Ground Truth, Dean Farmer presents a convincing case that the veracity of the official government version of 9/11 is highly questionable. Dean Farmer further contends that the government’s failure to acknowledge the entire truth and facts leading up to the events of 9/11 and its aftermath serves to create a false sense of order and security in the United States in the context of future national threats and emergencies. A frequent contributor to the The Star-Ledger and The New York Times, with essays and opinion columns on legal and political issues, Dean Farmer is dean of Rutgers School of Law – Newark. In addition to his work for the 9/11 Commission as senior counsel and team leader, he has served as attorney general of New Jersey, chief counsel to Governor Christine Todd Whitman, a federal prosecutor, a law enforcement expert to the special envoy for Middle East regional security, and a founding partner of a New Jersey law firm.

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