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Recognizing and Dismantling White Organizational Culture

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 9:00am to 1:30pm
15 Washington Street
bonnie Cushing
Pay what you can ($120 value event, read description for details)
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Institute for Ethical Leadership
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The Nonprofit Capacity Building Speakers Series (CBSS) continues with more workshops in June for your leadership growth and development.

Bonnie Cushing comes back to Newark, NJ for the 2019 Nonprofit Capacity Building Series Session, "Recognizing and Dismantling White Organizational Culture".

Participants in this workshop will:
Understand what is white United States-ian culture;
Understand the beliefs and values of white United State-ian culture;
Recognize characteristics of white United States-ian culture in
Begin to explore the impact the culture has on professionals in the field;
and Learn antidotes to dismantling white organizational culture.

Following the morning session and lunch, Emma Wilcox of Gallery Aferro will deliver a keynote presentation to continue the morning's discussion.

Non-Profit Leaders of all levels and Board Members of all races and ethnicities.

ATTIRE: Comfortable and casual dress is recommended, jeans are welcomed.

COST: Thanks to the generous support of our funders, we are excited to offer this workshop as a "pay what you can" opportunity. Any support you provide helps to cover the costs of providing the workshop and continuing our support of nonprofit leaders. The price of this workshop is valued at $120.
If you are unable to contribute to your ticket cost and need to register for a free seat, please email Vicki at and we will be happy to help.
Advance registration is required. Includes continental breakfast and lunch.

The cost of this program has been underwritten by support from the Victoria Foundation and Prudential.

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