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Public Lecture on "Risk factors for future cognitive decline and Alzheimer's Disease in Older African Americans," by Prof. Mark A. Gluck (Neuroscience)

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
Aidekman Research Center (CMBN)

Neuroscience Seminar Room

Aidekman Research Center

205 University Avenue

Newark, NJ 07102

Professor Mark A. Gluck (RU-Newark, Neuroscience)
For more info:
Mark A. Gluck

Research Week 2019
Faculty Research Talk
Wednesday, April 24
11:00 am - 12:30 pm (Followed by Lunch)

Risk Factors for Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Disease in Older African Americans

Research Week:

In this public lecture on "Risk Factors for Future Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Disease in Older African Americans," Professor Mark A. Gluck (RU-Newark, Neuroscience) will summarize the scientific findings from the last three years of research from his lab’s NIH and NJ DOH-supported studies on aging and brain health in African Americans, as well as his earlier theoretical, experimental, and clinical studies which led to this current and ongoing research in Newark. The talk will be presented at a general-enough level that most of it should be understandable by anyone without requiring a specialized background including undergraduates and the general public. Gluck will also discuss the new RUTGERS AGING & BRAIN HEALTH ALLIANCE that links Rutgers University-Newark with medical researchers at the RBHS Medical/Health campus of Rutgers. This talk is part of Research Week activities to highlight research opportunities for undergraduates at Rutgers-Newark such as those in Gluck's lab which integrate cognitive neuroscience, public health, and community-engaged outreach in greater Newark with local churches, senior centers, and federally-subsidized housing.