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Jan Sawka: The Artist's Role in the Changing World.

Saturday, November 16, 2013 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Paul Robeson Gallery

Post-symposium reception at Gallery Aferro, 73 Market Street, 5:30pm

Cynthia Nadelman
Jeffrey Goldfarb
Frank Boyer
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Caren Choi

Transition is a common theme nowadays, as countries move from one state of being to another. A number of recent changes have demonstrated the power of individuals to make a dramatic difference in the world. This symposium uses art as a means to discuss transition, and how the voice of an artist can be a powerful tool for activating change.
This symposium will use the life and work of artist, activist, and architect Jan Sawka as a starting point for a discussion about art and activism. Born in totalitarian communist Poland, Sawka was the youngest member of The Polish School of the Poster. His artistic voice of opposition, however, also led to his exile by age 30. His style evolved in the politically volatile '60s and '70s, when he became involved in the counter-culture and activist movements. Sawka designed posters and stage sets for avant-garde theater groups in Krakow and Warsaw, and worked with many people and organizations on the fringes of the mainstream, including a collaboration with the band The Grateful Dead. His artwork is included in over 60 museum collections around the world.