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A Man for all Students: Gerald Massenburg

In both his career and his personal life, Associate Chancellor for Student Life Gerald Massenburg lets his actions speak for him - and they say volumes.


Rutgers College of Nursing: Improving Care Through HIV/AIDS Research

Having a life-threatening disease is traumatic. Add social stigma, with the potential loss of job and family, and there is much more at stake.


A Rare Honor For A Researcher: Mauricio Delgado Honored By President Barack Obama

When Dr. Mauricio Delgado traveled to Washington, D.C., on Dec. 13, he was in prestigious company at an equally prestigious location.


Academia is all in the family

Like father, like son. That expression isn't always accurate, but it is with Don and Tom McCabe.


Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center

Thanks to a $1.82 million grant from the National Science Foundation, scholars at Rutgers will have direct access to the latest functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology to aid their research.