The Late Clement Price Endowed a Legacy of Knowledge with $100,000 Gift to Rutgers University-Newark

A professor’s legacy usually centers around his or her enduring influence on students taught and touched. At Rutgers University-Newark, the late Professor Clement Price (1945-2014) left this in abundance, as well as something more tangible: the Clement A. Price Endowment for the Humanities.

In 2010, Price, who was Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of History and founding director of the Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience, gave the university a $100,000 gift to establish the endowment to help ensure the continuation of the Marion Thompson Wright Lectures Series (MTW) that he co-established in 1980 with historian Giles R. Wright of the New Jersey Historical Commission. Price made the gift to honor the 30th anniversary of the lecture series and the memories of his mother, the late Anna Christine Spann Price, and his friend, the late Giles Wright.

The annual MTW lecture series is the oldest, largest and most prestigious Black History Month event in New Jersey, drawing thousands of people over the decades to listen and learn. The series also has attracted some of the nation’s foremost scholars and humanists who are experts in the field of African and African-American history and culture, including Annette Gordon-Reed, Eric Foner, Sterling Stuckey, Spencer Crew, and James Oliver Horton.