Clement A. Price

Slave Culture: A Documentary Collection of the Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project

This three-volume work by the late Professor Clement A. Price, co-authored with two other distinguished historians, Spencer Crew and Lonnie Bunch, is drawn from the reminiscences of the last generation of enslaved African Americans.  Working with interviews conducted 1936-1938 by the Works Progress Administration's Slave Narrative project, Price and his colleagues have created a narrative collection that stands apart from previous collections.  For the first time ever, the book presents topically arranged access to the views expressed in the narratives, rather than chronological listing, so that within each thematic area, multiple excerpts span time, gender, and geography. The thematic presentation brings the rich tapestry of slave culture to life in a fresh way.

Price and his co-authors include an introductory essay for each theme and a contextual explanation for each narrative, to help readers draw lessons from this vast collection that illuminates another era in American history.

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